Welcome to the ARTISAN platform for young craftsmen interested in the art of restoration. Our particular focus is on woodwork renovation but we are open to contributions from other fields in which art means mastery of skills.

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Antique renovation tips

This professional antique renovation firm from Warsaw publishes a useful guide for beginners on their website. You can browse through practical ideas on the use of various materials and tools as well as presentation of whole interventions on wooden objects. Definitely...

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Artisan carpentry firm

This is a good example of a thriving small craft enterprise specialising in artisan carpentry and antique furniture renovation. Their website gives good examples of typical orders such firms get from clients. http://sztukawdrewnie.pl

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Woodworking ideas

Woodworking ideas, inspiration, beautiful woodworks   This site is not specifically about woodwork restoration but gives a lot of practical ideas useful for any workshop working with wood. For example consult Japanese techniques of preserving wood – how they...

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Learning of renovation

After fruitful study visit and workshops in Florence, our Artisan group started to practice wood renovation in Poland. We prepared a place to work, and completed lacks of some tools and materials. We discussed the state of a door which is going to be renovated and...

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Study visit in Florence finalized

On 26th of April we came back from the study visit in Florence. During one week our group of 8 participants took part in workshops  run by artisan masters from European Centre for Restoration and ORO e COLORE school and laboratory. Workshops were very intensive,...

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Renovation of 60 years old commode

Na początku trzeba było usunąć liczne zadrapania i uzupełnić ubytki, zeszlifować stary lakier do surowego stanu i zaszpachlować dziury.
(At the beginning it was necessary to remove numerous scratches and make up losses, to grind the old varnish to the raw state and patch the holes.)

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Blog on antique furniture

Definitely a website to be recommended as besides blogging space it includes a lot of useful information on different epochs and styles, the processes of renovation of wooden objects of artistic and historic value and a lot of suggestions for further study (books,...

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