Welcome to the ARTISAN platform for young craftsmen interested in the art of restoration. Our particular focus is on woodwork renovation but we are open to contributions from other fields in which art means mastery of skills.

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Visit this inspiring workshop run by a young artisan. It may change your perception of a ‘typical’ master of woodwork renovation. Alter Novum specializes in conservation/restoration of antique furniture and Boulle type clocks. The firm also offer many services...

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ARTISAN multiplier events

We are organising 2 events in Poland and Italy to share results of our project with teachers, trainers and youth workers in the fields of craft, art and entrepreneurship education. The events will take place at Zespół Szkół Zawodowych Towarzystwa Salezjańskiego in...

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Workshop NEO

One of very few antique woodwork restoration courses we’ve found in Poland Workshop NEO offers interesting and unconventional courses in  restoration of old furniture, introducing various renovation and restoration techniques. This is a course at the master level...

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